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slow day here...

Jorgen Udvang

Subscriber Member
You haven't been to Dhaka, you say? Don't worry. Here's an almost complete tourist guide. This is what you see most of the time :ROTFL:

GX8 with Pana 35-100mm f/4-5.6 @ 35mm and f/4.5



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Well, you managed to get a taxi(?) with a view.
I believe it's lively, colourful, noisy and smelly.
A real life-time experience ... :facesmack:


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Fuji XPRO-2 with the 50/2. CC simulation.

Watering the small plants in my home...

Told ya; it is a slow day here.


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Gary, just to say that it seems, and your picture proves that, that the X-T3 colors have now become very very good, and that's perhaps the most importent achievement by the X-T3


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(Posted this earlier in the small sensor annex, but of course it should be here.)

At the Archaeological Museum the queue for the toilets was very slow moving.


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Mandatory slow day for a cyclist :wtf:

The question I ask myself is: "How did they steal the tire and still be able to use it" :confused:


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It's a slow couple of years at the Museum of fine arts in Antwerp.
Closed since 2012 and being fully renovated, no end in sight yet.

They're trying to make up with cheesy advertisements on the scaffolding

This is part of an insurance company commercial :loco: