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So Leica makes cameras for pros... Really?????

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i must say Doug; you have always been very patient with Leica!

Customer Service is what finally drove me away from Leica. It wasn't sufficient to have backup equipment, I needed backups for the backups to ensure having a functional system on hand.

One year (and many cross-country trips) for repairing my R8/DMR. Would you rely on a single backup camera if the camera were unserviceable for one year?

Eight months and ZERO communication for declining to repair my primary lens (the lens was subsequently repaired by an independent repair technician). One of my copies of this lens has a downtime record over ten years of 25%. Would you rely on a single backup of your most useful lens for eight months with a historical downtime of 25%, and no clue when the other lens will return?

When the equipment was working well it was fabulous. Service and/or repair was atrocious. Bye bye Leica.


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This has really gone on long enough.
Sure whine if you want to, complain about how much your Rolex cost to clean, In general it is basically true that the more gear costs, the more it costs to fix and the smaller market for these sorts of things means there are fewer options.
The smaller the manufacturer, the smaller the repair staff.
You need to ask yourself why you bought the camera in the first place.
Did it fulfill your expectations?
If not move on and just please be quiet if your unrealistic expectations were not realized. Folks that have pictures to take think otherwise.



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Obviously, Leica did not meet the OP's expectations. Actually, it's a bit presumptuous to assume what some considered realistic or unrealistic. Smug comments about luxuries and assumptions are really what should be left out of forums, don't you think? Not everyone here has the luxury of multiple Leica cameras, so perhaps less hypocrisy and a little more empathy for those who choose to post on a photography forum about their experiences. If it's considered an unrealistic expectation to have a camera actually work when pressing the shutter, then I need to find another forum.


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What many seem to be missing is that this forum is for the exchange of photography techniques images and related technical topics.
Several members have notified me that they have left due to the toxicity of this thread as well as others.
Sorry, I have no empathy, we have all owned gear that has failed us, and yes several vendors have troubles, but a simple disclosure ought to be one and done. The railing on is not appreciated and will not be tolerated.
If you hate Leica, please just leave this forum alone and go hate them somewhere else.
I hope you understand.
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