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SOLD: Cambo Wide-T/S 32mm HR Digaron-W in Copal 0 Shutter


Well-known member
$6,500 via PayPal (Includes free FedEx ground shipping in CONUS and I’ll pay the PayPal fees)

This lens is in excellent condition. The glass is pristine. It was originally purchased at Capture Integration by another forum member. I purchased it from him.

The WTS-832 Lenspanel is dedicated to the use with Digital Backs and has a Rodenstock 4.0/32 HR Digaron-W lens with copal 0 shutter mounted in a helical focussing mount. This lens configuration is about $11,000 new and that is if you can find a dealer that has a stock of new Copal 0 lenses. The only dealer I know that does (or at least they did at the beginning of the year) is Linhof Studio.