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SOLD: (CAN) Leica M9 Black Paint Digital Rangefinder (CCD ID=15, 3k ACT. ) US$2995

Mint boxed M9 black paint. CCD replaced by Leica in 2018. CCD ID = 15. Shutter count is around 3600. One tiny pin point brassing on the back corner. This is the best black paint M9 I’ve seen for a long time.

US$2995 net.

Located in Ontario, Canada.

Worldwide shipping. Solid references are available.

Larger resolution pics available upon request.450BB46C-B352-42C3-980B-DC02F609462C.jpegA68A6A08-66B6-4FBD-9651-03C26B8C3718.jpeg76FBF1BD-8826-4B45-BF3E-B046FFB3DDEB.jpeg702E11FC-6C50-4E17-99A3-90CE3510CF64.jpegFA133C9F-2305-45E2-8CC4-190F0901603E.jpeg6A9A93E9-97DA-40C5-8559-FA75D5F755C5.jpegB89660C1-AF19-4F80-89CB-814ED6E0FBE2.jpegDA08D7BB-8473-443F-96EB-F4E383B06C4A.jpeg67524731-FF50-4843-869A-6F036AA80DB9.jpegA817ACB5-BC89-4ADE-9354-438B0B4E21D1.jpeg