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SOLD: Gorgeous Hasselblad black SWC T* w/Voigtlander finder


New member
Like the title says here is a near mint classic. It is an SWC (not M) with the T* lens and rare discontinued Voigtlander angle finder. Sorry, no original finder available though the Voigt one is much more usable imo. Other than a few tiny scratches here and there it is in fantastic shape as you can see by the photos. The back is more modern and has matching insert. There is a tiny corner of leather separating right by the name plate but I don't know the proper kind of glue so don't want to touch it. Shutter hasn't been checked but the speeds sound good and exposed properly last time used. Glass is mint and blades clean.

This is a fun little camera and I hate to see it go but just ordered a Monochrom so must sell. So it's ready for your film or better yet digital back!

$2500 with paypal included (though prefer no fee alternative if possible) and free shipping to CONUS. Overseas pays difference.


Well-known member
Whew. I was so tempted (mostly by the viewfinder and the black finish) to buy another. I just bought my SWC around Xmas time ... LOL!