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Sold: Leica M Selloff due to medical bills


My wife had a surgery that was supposed to be fact we verified with the insurance company. And yet it is not, and I have to come up with $35k quickly. God bless America. So some of my beloved Leica M gear, much of it rare, is up for grabs.

Discounts for sets, or feel free to make an offer. I will probably post some lightly used medium and large format gear as well, to make up the rest.

I'm just going to include one photo for each, but I have a whole set of photos on request.

Most of these lenses include the leather pouch and the box, most include a protective filter that I have kept on. Some are missing a front cap. All are in excellent condition with clean glass. They are my babies.

Leica Elmarit 28 2.8 11606

50 Summilux 1.4 ASPH 11891

35 Summicron 2.0 ASPH 11879

Macro Elmar 90 4.0 11633
Unique folding, tiny 90mm that still resolves very well

75 APO Summicron 2.0 ASPH

APO-Telyt 135 3.4 (no box)

Rare Summicron-C 40 2.0 (no box, collapsible screw-on hood)

And for fun, what I think is a replica Elmar 50 3.5 collapsible lens, fun pancake lens that I've used with a M10-D and M10M--makes your Leica fit in a pocket


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Oof sorry to hear this. You prob know your situation better than we do, but I wouldn’t give them $1 more than the deductible until you’ve exhausted all of your other options….esp if you happen to have written verification. Best of luck to you and hope your wife is ok.


Thanks for the advice. Bill has passed through multiple appeals and so on, so not looking like there’s much we can do, but I will keep trying.

Looks like I bungled the images. Probably uploaded HEIC from my computer. From mobile, site complains that image is too big. So I will see what I can do to remedy this when I’m back at the desk. As always, PM and I can send pics and answer any questions. Motivated to sell so I can make a deal.


All sold. Thanks to all who were interested. Still selling some MF and LF/ULF gear to reach my goal.