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SOLD: Rodenstock 23mm HR Digaron S Copal 0 Mount Lens + Center Filter | Cambo WRS Mount


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Rodenstock 23mm HR Digaron S Copal 0 Mount Lens + Center Filter | Cambo WRS Mount
(I'll pay for shipping and PayPal fees)

Lens body is in very good condition cosmetically and glass is clean and clear. Same for the center filter. There are some very small marks on the lens barrel and the center filter frame that I've highlighted in the pictures. It is normal for marks to be on the area where the lens mounts on to the camera so I didn't bother highlighting those.

The Copal shutter works just like it is supposed to. The helical is smooth and easy to focus. This lens is performing at peak sharpness and quality as it was sent to Rodenstock in March for calibration.

Here is some more information about that:

In March of 2021 I reached out to Cambo with questions about the sharpness of this 23HR lens because I didn't feel like the sharpness outside of center was as good as it should be. Based on what they said after reviewing sample images, I decided to send it in. It was worth having peace of mind knowing if it was calibrated properly or not.

After Cambo received the lens they tried it out and said they needed to send it to Rodenstock for further inspection.

Rodenstock determined that the Copal shutter is correct, but that the lens needed to be calibrated to optimize sharpness. Rodenstock shimmed and realigned the front and rear element of the lens. It is performing to Rodenstock quality control standards now.

  • Image circle at f/11: 70mm

Movement range
  • Sensor size 33x44mm: about 10 mm
  • Sensor size 40x54mm: about 2 mm

If you are a Phase One XT user and are interested in the 23, this one is compatible without data transfer. A new Phase One XT 23mm lens will set you back $11,999.00.

If you were to purchase this lens and center filter new it would be over $10,000:
  • $9517.49 Lens at Linhof Studio (the only place I know where you can get new lenses mounted on new Copal 0 shutters, if they still have any Copals left)
  • $1032.00 Rodenstock M 72 Center Filter for HR Digaron S 23mm and 28mm at Capture Integration