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Sony 24/1.4 GM


Great shots.

I am not generally a wide angle shooter except for the few night sky shots I've done . It is a bit too long for that though, 18mm or at most 21 would be the max in that situation.
Didn't had the time (and night) to shoot the lens under good conditions. But it's wonderful at f1.4 (ISO3200, 8sec). :)



Ah, that's a good one.

Perhaps if you have enough of a foreground with the right distance from the camera this would be a marvelous lens given how fast it is. I hear the coma is very acceptable too, is that right? if so, would make a wonderful astro lens.


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I have a theory that the lens threads which are the most active are generally sustained by controversy or nitpicking (or trolling). Because the 24mm GM is such a superb lens, it's hard to find anything to argue about, hence the low activity on the thread.

In any case, I find the 24 GM to be a simply amazing lens. It just completely steps out of my way and lets me get on with shooting. I'm looking forward to Sony applying this level of excellence to its future lens designs.

Look forward to reading your thoughts when the review is ready.
I'm still waiting on my review copy from Sony Pro services (along with a long term 100 STF GM for review) ... The lens is in very short supply but I'm first on the list in my region once the rep receives the review samples. So that's the biggest reason that I haven't stated much about this lens. I simply haven't tried it out beyond an extremely short test.