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Sony A7C - Full Frame Compact Camera


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The Sigma 35/2 seems to be a great lens from early reviews. It seems to render a bit better than than the Sony 35/1.8. There's a nice review here comparing the various f1.8-2 options:

The Sigma 45C has a different kind of magic though, it's designed for exceptionally soft bokeh instead of peak sharpness wide open. Reading about the tradeoffs the engineers made is pretty interesting. It can't achieve the same amount of blur compared to it's closest rival, the Samyang 45/1.8, but the Sigma is noticeably smoother. Some people who own this lens swear by it. I'm intrigued myself, but haven't picked one up yet (I don't really need the focal length since I have the Voigtlander 40/1.2). I hesitate slightly because I have read about AF-C focus mode inconsistency... not sure whether that's something that affects all cameras or lens copies equally though.

I had the Samyang 35/2.8 for a bit which is pretty close to the Sony 35/2.8. There's a certain appeal to the size. Paired with the A7c, it would be an amazing little package, but for a little more size I might pick one of the Sigmas.