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Sony A7R5


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Thanks Carl.
If there is a catch, what is it?
Hi KH,
Alan and I were discussing the problem of a "stuttering artifact" in moving water when using pixel shift high res mode (he uses the Olympus and I am using the S1R). There is a manual workaround to eliminate this artifact, but so far none of the cameras that employ pixel shift for creating a high res image have an in camera fix for this problem. There is a mode2 option on the S1R that does work quite well for eliminating mild motion artifacts in moving tree branches etc. when shooting in high res mode, but it does not fix the artifact issue in moving water.


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There certainly has been a lot of praise for the pixel shift capabilities of the S1R. Since I have never used the S1R I can't make any comparisons but the ability to deal with moving objects during pixel shifting with my Sony is fairly impressive. This is only the beginning for this technology and down the line things will just get better. I don't know if Panasonic will still be in the game but Sony, for sure, will be.

Good times for all of us.....

Victor B.
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