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Stacking software for more than just focus


Subscriber and Workshop Member
If only I were willing to give in to the Adobe "pay us forever" model, I'd just get PS CC and get a bunch of stacking modes. Since I only have CS6 non-extended, that functionality is greyed out.

The popular focus stacking applications don't make it clear which other stacking modes (mean, median, min, log-arctan-entropy, whatever) they support. Does anyone use a single stacking program for both focus and other uses (noise reduction, star trails, take 100 pictures and remove all the people from the plaza).

Or is resistance futile and CC is inevitable.


Matt (who uses OS X, so many Windows only astro packages won't work)


long time astro user here, and OSX as well. The dislike of Windoze means I only have a PC for astro use, capture and processing etc only.
There are a couple of OSX astro stacking/processing packages that spring to mind, Pixinsight, and Nebulosity. Both are OSX native (as well as Win).
Would they work?


Subscriber and Workshop Member

I've heard of Pixinsight, and it has a very loyal following. I'm sure it can do everything, and it's probably worth the learning curve. I'll look at it and Nebulosity. I'm not primarily doing astro, so if one of the standard focus stacking packages (Helicon? Zerene?) could also do other modes, then I could just go with it.