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Street Photography


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Thanks for the A850 shot. Sold my smallish A850 system to help funding a Leica Q ...
Yes, I also sold my A850, great camera but big, heavy and loud. But when I sold it the market for such equipment was so far down that it only funded a second hand A7 :rolleyes:
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Wow you really found some great subjects . Three considerations ;
1. If you can crop this a little wider it would seem better . (obviously depends on what was cropped out ). Its a little tight .

2. The background would be less distracting if you cut the exposure 1/2 to 1 ev . The background is distracting . Cable line through center girls head .

3. You might brighten the subject just a little iso that the subjects stand out from the background .

4. I would look at this in black and white to evaluate the tone map .

I used to shoot the South Florida Fair each season outside Palm Beach Florida . Went 6-7 times each season for almost 10 years .

You really caught a terrific moment and the subjects look like they came from a movie studio casting . This looks very authentic and a very decent street photograph .


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The protest pics could be more engaging imo. I think if photographing this type of political gathering then it needs to show the emotion of both sides with a more intimate portrayal. To ascribe passion that each viewpoint has in a protest might engage the viewer with an enlightened opinion or at least be more engaged. With today's average social media narcissist, they love being photographed even if they don't give a crap about politicians.
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