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Suggestions for SL2-S NON Native Lenses


Well-known member
I am looking to try some NON native Lenses on my SL2-S. Mainly shoot Portraits, Family Group shots and some Landscapes Thank you


Well-known member
Bang for buck Sigma have lots of excellent choices in AF lenses. If you are chasing some high quality manual lenses- check out the Voigtlander apo line again outstanding bang for buck.


Well-known member
Contax Zeiss are a joy to shoot. Really nice color and rendering on the Sl2-S.

Here are a few examples with the SL2-S and the relatively inexpensive (~$300-ish) CY 50 1.4 Planar. In a similar vein I'd recommend the 28mm 2.8 or the 85 1.4.