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Switching from digital to film

Jorgen Udvang

Subscriber Member
The more advanced digital cameras become, the more I like film. I use digital for convenience and for commercial images where time is never sufficient. Always being in a hurry seems to be a natural part of progress.

I also prefer Portra for anything with people, 160 for formal shots and 400 for leisure. Lately, I've used Ektar 100 for some industrial photography and it's a very impressive film. Extremely fine grained and with a "fulness" of colours that is hard to beat. It does tend towards red a bit, so I do some colour adjustments in PS, but it's still a very satisfying film to use, particularly with medium format cameras.

I can also recommend Kodak Pro Image 100, which is a much cheaper film. It lacks the delicate colours of Portra, and shows more or less as much grain as Portra 400, but is still a good film for portraits and everyday use.