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Talk me into or out of...


I had an M8 and sold it to fund a move to Fuji (which I LOVE). But, I kept an old 50 Cron v2 and thinking of picking up an M6 or MP.

Or... do I just get an M9 now that prices are down? Or...


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Get the MP or M6, there is nothing like taking an occasional walk about with a couple of rolls of film. I certainly enjoy how it slows me down and think more about taking a shot.

Just my 2 cents.

Good luck with your decision.
Do you still have a darkroom? I'd agree with Dan if you can do your own developing and gelatin-silver printing. If not, get an M9 because they're such a bargain now. Then you can do your own 'digital darkroom' work on your computer.



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Hmm. I like my M4-2 more than I liked the M9; it wasn't until the M-P typ 240 that I got the same feeling and joy as with the film Ms... :angel:

But I love working with film now and then. There are simply different qualities to an image as it is formed on film, as opposed to captured with a sensor, due to the different nature of the two mediums.

Film is slow work (past the picture taking part of the game). Processing, scanning or printing in a wet lab: it all takes a good deal of time. I do tend to shoot more slowly as well, simply because a roll of film is a finite resource that I tend to conserve as opposed to the seeming infinity of exposures I can make with a digital camera and a multi-gigabyte storage card. If this reduction in pace appeals to you, by all means.

A nice film M is a thing of joy. The M4-2 in my closet is likely mine forever, I like it too much to be without it, and its very nice in the hand and to the eye. I tend to prefer the meterless Ms and either guess or use a hand-held meter with them. I'm processing most of my film with an Agfa Rondinax U or Agfa Rondix 35 daylight developing tank these days ... about 25 minutes from dry to hanging to dry with no darkroom or dark bag needed. A decent configuration file for the Nikon Coolscan V scanner and I have that mostly semi-automated now too.

Good luck deciding what you want ... Whatever it comes to be, enjoy it!


scott kirkpatrick

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It's a different issue, but my M2 has never gone out of service. Both kids have taken it off to summer courses in real photography. The teacher's reaction can be quite amusing -- "OMG, that camera doesn't even have a light meter!" So with each of them I have gone out for an afternoon learning to estimate exposure for Tri-X at 400, using the real thing and then developing it, and backing the cardboard box guidelines with a Ricoh GR-Dn.



The film question you can only decide by doing it. If you have the itch, why not scratch? You'll likely get all or most of your money back if you decide the M6 or MP is not for you. Seems like a no-lose proposition. You might love it.

I've tried film earnestly three times in the last two years -- with two Ms and a Rollei TLR. I couldn't stick with it, even despite the almost unequaled pleasure of those film Ms. Just thinking about them makes me want to try it again (almost). But digital is just too convenient, consistent, and time-saving. And it allows me to focus on the part of photography I enjoy most -- making pictures.

Here's a different thought. Since you have a Fuji system you love, have you considered an MM1? You obviously enjoy B&W. It would be wonderful with your Summicron and give you something distinctive. Just a thought....



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Judging from your sig, you're more than good with film. I'd say try a film M. Bought well, you can sell one pretty easily if you discover you'd rather have an M9. Fwiw, the last M I'd sell would be my M6ttl. As others say, it's a beautiful thing to shoot a film M, especially B&W. And your Cron would be pair up so nicely.
It's kinda that slippery slope.

Film, M9's are cheap, now I'm seeing 240's not bad, but then the Q seems sweet and the SL seems like something really special.



I've sold my digital M bodies and have been into film for that last few months. Nothing wrong with digital, but there's a whole lot of fun to be had with film. Have a roll to pick up from the lab tonight!

If you're looking for a great M, I have one that I've been meaning to post for sale. Would pair nicely with your 50mm. It is black chrome with black dot logo. .85 vf classic (not the ttl) w/ 35-135/50/90 frame lines (the 75 that is paired with the 50 has been masked off.) And it has the Youxin Ye finder upgrade.

It's a dream to use, but I am stricken with TMCS - too many cameras syndrome...


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M9 is most similar to fix experience of any digital ever made. Around 2300 now. Factor film prices, and if you shoot alot it's not much more if any than M6.

You had M8, so you know it all except the FF (huge) and better colors from M9. You could also grab a Kolari A7 for 1100 or less, as the other good M digital option.

I like film, but workflow for color is impossible for me. BW is OK, and if you really DIY, sort of cheap. But scanning adds huge PITA. M9 often just pops out sick files. :)

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