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Technical Camera Images


Following my post in the BTS thread, here are the final images shot on the digital back, both are crops made from single exposures as I felt that the rapid movement of the clouds and change of the light combined with the relatively long exposure would create artefacts in the sky so I didn't want to do any stitched images.

The film images will have to wait until I get home to get developed and scanned, hopefully at least one or two images would have worked out, I'm always nervous shooting high contrast scenes on film, even negatives.

Just a note, after the shot of the first image (which was a sunrise) I noticed condensation on my lens, but it was too late for me to re-shoot. I've tried to salvage the image as much as possible, but the highlight area's in the middle do suffer from it still, just a reminder that I should always leave more time to let the camera come up to temperature before I start shooting :facesmack:

P0002348 Shenzhen Talent Park 1;2 Crop - 30-Jun-2020 by BB, on Flickr

P0002345 Shenzhen Lianhuashan Park 16;9 Crop - 29-Jun-2020 by BB, on Flickr

P. Chong

The horizontal clutch mechanism on a vintage Roger Dubuis Chronograph Retrograde Perpetual Calendar. Linhof Technica at full extension, with Hasselblad CFV back, and Schneider Kreuznach 90mm f/9 lens. No movements applied, as the Linhof tilt is not geared and too difficult to make precise movements. Photographed at f/22. Full frame shown.



New member
Hello everybody,
I only want to say hello to everybody in this feed showing nice large format photos and sharing interesting technical infos.
I just put my firs photo here done with an arca swiss M with rodi hr60
The full serie can be shown on Behance:

I wish you nice light