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Beautiful shot of the backside Dave! Been up to Dream Lake and Emerald Lake for sunrise, but not Lake Haiyaha yet. It's on my list for sure!
Thanks Warren. There is an old BTS post here:
Posted a similar image in the Technical Camera thread:

I don’t have a direct BTS photo (cuz I’m a loser and didn’t think of it), but the hike was so much fun I want to tell the story. I tried to reach this lake last winter but failed. I borrowed some snowshoes that weren’t quite big enough, and didn’t really know where the trail was. I kept sinking in, post-holing with snowshoes on. Doesn’t make for speedy travel and is pretty exhausting.

This summer I did the whole loop hike from Bear Lake to Glacier Gorge. Although parts of the trail were miserably crowded on a Saturday in July, at least I could see where the trail was and have some memory for the winter when everything is covered in snow. Here is what part of the shoreline looks like in mid-day summer. As you might imagine, “haiyaha” is a Native American word for rock.

This time I had some trail beta and my own snowshoes. The first part of the hike is well-traveled to Dream Lake. In the winter, very few people venture beyond that. From Dream Lake to Lake Haiyaha, I could see some faint ski tracks in spots where the wind hadn’t obscured them (probably a few days to a week old). That was the only evidence I found of others going beyond Dream Lake.

Here is the hike. The scene is looking WSW from the SE shore of the lake:

On the hike back, I captured an iphone image of Longs Peak in the distance (the knob on the left):

If anyone hikes around the Bear Lake area in Rocky Mountain National Park, I highly recommend heading to this lake, regardless of the time of year. It is less traveled than other lakes in the area and quite pretty.
Lake Haiyaha - Hike Lake Haiyaha in Rocky Mountain National Park

Worth the hike, summer or winter.