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Tempted, very tempted... GRIIIx


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Hulyss Bowman

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This is a nice camera in all seriouseness. But 1k is a bit too much. If it was with all accessory in a box why not ! Anyway if you get it I will look at your pictures ;)


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Looks tempting but I'm not done with my GR yet, just ordered a couple of new batteries this week...

Now if they would just make a dedicated macro version, I'd be in!


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Intriguing camera and focal length. The fixed 40mm equivalent is right up my alley. I think if it were "rugged" this would be an easy buy for me. Take it to the beach, the pool, hiking/backpacking, wherever the big camera dare not go or saving weight is important.


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For my part, I would have liked an 15,7mm lens = 24mm FF, which would have suited my need in taken "silly" pictures and my hang to wide lenses, even more.
So i will unforthunathly not be the costumer for this camera.
Mayby time for dusting of ones GR.. (yes its a wonderful camera)


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Yeah… I’ve been intrigued by this one as well. Just can’t find a clear date on product delivery to see if it’s something I really want.


Tempted, too. I downsized my camera gear to just a Leica Q-P in January 2020 (being without a Leica M for the first time since 2008), but have had a hankering lately for a longer FoV. A 40mm perspective would be great. Plus, over the years, I have used and enjoyed the Ricoh GRD and GR i.

Somehow, I want to get back to having an option for a longer FoV; this could be it.

Somewhere, I read that the release is in October (but I'm not sure if that's correct).


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I completely missed that one! The GR series is really special, and I really like my GR III. Now having said that, the wideangle is really versatile, but a (semi)-slow 50mm equivalent? Hmm...


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I really like the camera concept--I have the Fuji XF10 and really enjoy it. But I personally find it is just a bit too limiting. Not the fixed focal length, but the handling always trips me up. I keep having to remind myself to treat it like a real camera, but the size say one-handed grab shots. I am really glad I have the XF10, but I am not sure about a series of them. For me, the Fuji X-E4 with the new XF27 is a little more tempting for a compact camera, particularly at that focal length.

Still, to be honest, I love the focal length/angle of view of the new Ricoh. The normal has always been a favorite of mine.


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Looks great. I had a Ricoh GR1 at some point in the now distant past and liked it a lot, and the more complex GXR derivative was also a terrific camera.
I'm not in the market, got too much stuff already, but it looks very good.


Jorgen Udvang

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Very tempting, and finally a focal length that suits my taste. My GM5 still works though, and although it's partly broken, one would be left at home if I bought this one. We'll see when Christmas comes.


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I will be buying one, my only dilemma is if I keep the X100V. Sure the X100V offers good WR and has the optical viewfinder with data that I love. But the compactness is compelling and the IQ from the GR IIIx has a certain pop that I have not seen for a while. Excellent lens at a valuable focal length. I used my Zuiko 40mm on a OM4 for many a year


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I pre-ordered one from Amazon Japan. I had some credits from a previous purchase that paid for the express international shipping. Should receive the camera 10/4/21. Previous order shipped very quickly and arrived direct from Osaka to Ithaca via DHL in 3 days.