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The importance of keeping your paper clean


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I was testing some Exhibition Fiber in my trusty Epson 3800, and was mindful of the admonition to keep that paper, in particular, clear of dust. Early in the print, though, the printer started making terrible noises. I pulled the plug, ejected the media (which had an ugly hole in it), and found this:

I don't know how that got into my paper path, but they mean it! Keep that paper clean!



P.S. Subsequent prints seem fine, so I'm hoping no lasting damage was done.


Well-known member
Okay, Matt. You win the biggest dust-bunny of the year award. And I'm glad everything seems to be working well.

Um. But aren't you the least bit curious: some piece of equipment is missing a short red wire..... :ROTFL:

(Hope it doesn't belong to anything in your studio!)


Subscriber and Workshop Member
You make an excellent point. I'd feel a LOT better if I could find a short black wire in a nearby cabinet. :ROTFL: Stupidly enough, I have a cabinet of small electronic parts directly above the counter where the printer sits. :loco:



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That's a heck of a piece of dust. ;-)

I keep my printer covered when not in use to minimize dust getting inside.


Since I've been keeping a large bath towel on top of my 7900, the dust issue has diminished significantly. It would be a good selling point if Epson were to tap some of the air from its compressor and port it through deionizing nozzles just ahead of the print head, and/or supply an anti-static cover.


Subscriber and Workshop Member
Thanks, Paul.

I got a digitaldeckcovers 3880 cover from Amazon, and it works perfectly. (The 3800 actually *did* die as a result of the wire incident, but the 3880 is wonderful.)