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The Kodak SLR Thread

This thread inspired me to dig out the 14n from its box. The batteries still work and the internal clock was still working despite it being 4 years since I last used it. The date was a few days slow though!

I've been doing some playing with more modern software. LR3 is quite good for the 14n - color noise reduction hides xmas tree lights and noise reduction and sharpening are quite good compared to Kodak software. Lens profiles sort out CA and distortion. I have something called cornerfix which was designed for the M8 but works with other cameras and it cures the italian flag.

The fundamental noisiness of the sensor in dull or low light won't go away but it seem easier to deal with. That just leaves the pink flare (avoid specular light sources), and the water colour effect.

It can still make nice pictures, if everything is right.

Maybe I could sell it for something, complete with a free recommended workflow!

Hi Dave,

I know what you mean about pain. I had 4000 shots on my camera and I think it was the new memory chip that went out. That was after Kodak decided to call it a day and leave their pro cameras without support. However, I as I recall, it was the upgrade that had the problems with reliability. I did pull mine apart and the memory was a cheap laptop memory card. I could not get it out without going much further in my taking it apart, so its sitting in a drawer waiting for further work.

I'm glad to hear about the 17mm lens, your results look really good.




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Nah, just keep it. The SLR/n in great shape with few releases is worth no more than 600 Euro, so the 14N probably a lot less, maybe half. For that price it isn't worth selling it. 14MP, FF, with nice colours.

With the watercolour effect, do you mean what you see when look at 100%? I find that kinda neat. As far as I can tell, apart from the look at 100%, it has no negative consequences, and it may even help make the photos look sharper.


Hi Carsten,

What are these "Italian flag" artifacts?
Color shift across the frame, like what is seen with uncoded lenses (Zeiss/Voigtländer) on a Leica M9 or wide angle rangefinder lenses on mirrorless cameras like the Sony NEX. You'll often see a green cast near the left border, neutral in the centre and magenta/red at the right border.
I'm sure this can be fixed with some utility like Cornerfix, but it's extra work to get a decent file.

@Carsten: I've seen this in various shots with the SLR/c from Paul Yi at FM, Carsten.
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Here is a shot from 2004 of Horsetooth Reservoir in Fort Collins CO.

This image sold really well to banks, companies etc for conference room art.

Looks beautiful printed large. You can truly see the unique color rendition from this sensor. A wonderful camera whose time passed too soon.

Woody Spedden


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A stitch from the Kodak SLR/n and the 50 MP. There is a similar stitch from the Nikon D3 in the panorama thread.



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I am thinking I might sell my Kodak sometime soon. I like the camera in spite of its quirks, but I adore my D3, and their capabilities are just too close. If I were to do more studio photography, I might keep it for that, but as it is, I find myself not using it enough to justify keeping. I guess others will have to keep this thread going.


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I've owned the Kodak 14n for years and although I agree with some of the posts here regarding some terrible purple and orange colors or spots I have to say that under the right conditions this camera will create some really amazing results. I'm on my iPad so I can't post anything but as soon as a I get home I'll post some images created with the Kodak.


One of my closest friends still fairly regularly shoots a DSLR/n he bought new, and he's still quite happy with it.

For what it's worth, when he took the pictures for my wedding (barely under three years ago now) it was approaching 750,000 clicks on the shutter, so they can also last quite a while.



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I bought an SLR/c several years ago as a cheap way to get a full frame sensor. I was delighted when the price of a used 1Ds dropped enough I could upgrade to that. Anyway, I recently decided to give the Kodak another go - here are some processing suggestions.

JPEGs generated by the camera are nasty - too compressed and with unpleasant sharpening, even when set to highest quality and minimal sharpening. You really have to use raw (whereas with the Canon bodies, outdoor shots are often great as straight-from-camera JPEGs). I process the raw files with Adobe DNG Converter and then use the free program Raw Therapee. (Unfortunately the current version of RT crashes if fed Kodak files directly.)

The lack of an anti-aliasing filter makes the sensor more susceptible to moire patterns. Raw Therapee's 'false colour suppression steps' (under the demosaicing settings) set to 5 eliminates this for me. The sensor is also more susceptible to purple fringing on highlights, so turn on the 'defringe' option. With these settings you can get something respectable, though I still prefer the Canon images.


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Maybe you are interested, I just added support for Kodak .DCR format to RawTherapee. I had a few different DCS model images to test with (Proback, SLR/n, 760c) so I hope we have wide support. As it's fresh in the source tree you need to compile it yourself or wait for the next build though.

Any build released on with a later date than this message should have the Kodak support built-in.
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I bought a 14n a few months ago and am enjoying it a lot. The only reason I am keeping the D2x around is for all the manual focus lenses that I have. So far, the 14n has provided me with some fantastic shots.



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Actually used my Kodak SLR/C a couple of weeks ago, batteries still charge/hold charge, and everthing seems to work okay.


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Does the DSC/n take a CF card? What lenses can you use on it that will min the Moire and other defects? Any suggestions( other than don't buy one) Just want to use it for the fun of it. Thanks Any advice on how to buy one that works good

Jorgen Udvang

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Does the DSC/n take a CF card? What lenses can you use on it that will min the Moire and other defects? Any suggestions( other than don't buy one) Just want to use it for the fun of it. Thanks Any advice on how to buy one that works good
The DCS/n takes CF as well as SD cards. Of course you should buy one :chug: