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The one lens for the apocalypse…


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Mushroom heads are banging at the door…

what lens are you grabbing on your way out the back?

yes, you already have a gun and bullets, but you only have room for one lens.

Paul Spinnler

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43 XL

The best of the best from SchneiderLand; 0 distortion, endless shift, compact, sharp. Focal length is universally useful.


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My Hermagis Petzval 330mm f4, and just the sun to shoot wet plate collodion during the apocalypse like it was 1850 :p


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Hasselblad Planar 80, the c-version. Ultimate classic, small and lightweight.

Edit: Because guns and bullets aren't that popular in Europe and arguably weigh a lot, I can also take my 500C/M instead to enjoy the lens. It also doubles as self-defence item due to its build quality.
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What's the point of taking one lens (and I assume one camera) if you have no darkroom or computer to process the results any further?


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I do concur with @anyone : a Planar 80 C T* is all I'd need.
I think I can frame the mushroom head quite well with its FOV.
If not, I'll take the best part of it before going forever. 🙂


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The Hasselblad XCD 35-70mm zoom.
After watching the Last of US, this is now what you are all planning for? [G]