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The S5 is coming, full specs


> it's slightly smaller than the G9.
> The lenses will mostly be bigger of course,

The top-down view shows the most difference, of course with the G9's display, but note the difference in grip widths --I suppose the G9's thicker one is enabled by smaller lenses.

Jorgen Udvang

Subscriber Member
I was asked earlier today what camera I would buy that isn't too expensive and that would cover all my personal needs as well as cover all bases for the paid jobs I do. I quickly found that the S5 would probably be the best choice for me:

- Very good image quality
- Excellent video quality
- Very advanced video features
- Excellent ergonomics
- Kit lens that starts at 20 mm, which means I won't need a separate WA lens
- Upcoming 70-300 and 85 mm f/1.8 lenses would make my kit complete (I have enough macro lenses that can be adapted)

Price in Thailand is THB 69,900, which is less than what the GH5 was launched at, body only.

It would be this or Nikon, and I won't buy now in any case, but it's interesting to notice that full frame hybrid cameras are becoming very good and relatively cheap. Some of them anyway.