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The server is too busy at the moment. Please try again later.


Active member
I am getting the above notice frequently all of a sudden. Never saw this before until a few days ago. Anyone else getting this or is it on my end somehow?



Well-known member
For me it's a recent but now also frequent experience. Usually 5 min. later everything seems to be OK again.


Active member
Yup, got the same message a number of times, starting maybe a week ago.:banghead:
Got another one yesterday. :facesmack:

Darin Marcus

New member
It happened to me too. I was able to open the main page and visit a couple of threads, but then got the same message. I stopped and came back a few hours later when everything worked fine.

I noticed that a large number of people were visiting the site at that time. Not sure if they were legitimate or bots. Could be related to the holidays.


Well-known member
I have the feeling it's starting to occur more often today and it seems to take longer before it's restored :confused:

Is there a moderator who can shed some light on what's happening?

Don Libby

Active member
Today has been very bad even painful in attending to access the site. I've lost PMs that I was responding to in the middle as well as other posts. Are we running out of juice? Rolling blackouts?


Well-known member
Yep, it's getting rather epidemic.

However it makes you explore the website's otherwise unknown territories ... :rolleyes:

Screenshot 2020-01-08 at 21.51.43.jpg


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I am starting to look for alternative sites for my crucial stuff like sales. This site has been very slow for some time, but now server too busy is not enjoyable.


Well-known member
Still doing it. The sysop must be asleep (if there is one)
Yeah, the Sysop is probably still digesting his Christmas meal.

Perhaps we could start a fight and calling names: that should trigger their attention for sure ... :lecture:

:chug: :watch: :grin:


Sr. Administrator
Staff member
We've had a couple weird days for sure. We don't know what happened, as everything on server side looks good, but we see the lags too -- and then just as quickly, they disappear and the site runs normally.... So, we are on it, but stumped.


Staff member
That message indicates that there are demands for more database threads than configured.
It seems to occur approximately coincident with our daily backups to Amazon S3.
I am making a few adjustments. Please help me by recording the time of day and your timezone when it is observed as the logs indicate nothing wrong.
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I notice this early in the morning MDT.
Also, before the sentence appears, the connection seems to hang entirely.