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Those photos you rated from "9" to "1" as days pass

Orien Brown

New member
sony转接觅50 1.jpg

This photo is shot on the Thypoch Eureka 50mm f/2. I took this photo at the weekend I received the new lens on the purpose of testing the bokeh performance. I thought I captured a good shot but after 1 week, I sorted out my archive and thought it doesn't evoke any stories behind, and tell nothing about composition, etc.

And this one, I tried my friend's lens Thypoch Simera 35mm. I thought the light traces are recorded in a good way, and felt satisfied that time. But now I thought it is ordinary, too.


Well-known member
the high of the buy (or try), only lasts so long.

Sometimes you need to let images sit for months before realizing their potential.


Well-known member
Maybe not 9:1. Does 8:2 count? I like this image, but the focus is off, the tilt is not optimal, etc..... So I like it much less than I did before I looked closely at it. Ilford FP4.