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Jorgen Udvang

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Ha ha... fantastic. On several occasions I took the ferry from Oslo, had a good dinner and a good night's sleep onboard, took the train from Hovedbanegården til Humlebäk, returned to København in the afternoon and then back to Oslo with the ferry. I haven't been there in twenty years though. Time to visit again, once this pandemic is gone.

My own childhood art museum was the Henie Onstad Centre at Høvikodden near Oslo. We lived just a 10 minute bicycle ride away, so I was a very frequent visitor.


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😃...Nice to hear, Jørgen, that you was attracted to Denmark and Louisiana.
I was in Norway too, but only visited the Munch Museum twice or perhaps three times, don't remember.
...and Besseggen, did you try that? I must admit I had too much fear to climb up to the top (and by the way drove at my danish Nimbus motorcycle the way past Besseggen rute 51 when I was 19, at that time the road was rather bumpy and the Nimbus without rearsuspension, lost my numberplate, found it again, awaked a farmer sleeping at his lunchsleep, persuated him to weld it on again, he obeyed nicely...)
Lofoten I almost reached, could see it in the horizon, but as a youngster together with a girl in my old VW Bus-van, we were splitting up just before reaching Lofoten, so we returned, and I to my work at Burmeister & Wain shipyard, promished to bring some smoked herings from Lofoten, so luckily I didn't reach it...😰.
Next time you come near Denmark, go to Bornholm and visit the Oluf Høst Museum in Gudhjem. Bornholm is just a wonderful place(!). Louisiana have 3 of his painting in their collection (immense inspiring to me as a youngster and still..), which are better than these here (but you get an idea):

To me it seems like artists getting above 60 are able to set their mind free like Oluf Høst (Höst) do here. Don't know about photografers, but then we don't got a brush just some silly camera's.
(But I miss my silly pictures a lot)
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