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Thoughtful pics of fauna...


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This bird of prey landed in our garden and was stepping around for some time. We hoped he would catch a mole (we have too many mole hills in our lawn) but unfortunately he didn't.

Sony A7Rii + FE70-300G

It's a heavy crop (only used 4.1 MP of the 42 MP the sensor has available) the lens fully extended (300 mm) and wide open (f5.6) and iso was 12400 so I am quite surprised how good it still came out.


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Happy with your new lens, Pieter ? It sure looks good to me !
Thanks Bart, after "analysis paralysis" for more than half a year I finally bit the bullet and chose the lighter/smaller/cheaper option. Initial results look indeed good to me. Still in the testing fase though but 3 weeks Newfoundland coming up should make a more final verdict possible.
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