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Thoughtful pics of fauna...


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Lexie, our adoptive "daughter"

A7Rii + FE 24-70/4 CZ

We picked her up exactly 1 year ago now and are the third owner, after the previous two could no longer take care of her for different reasons.
Doesn't even leave us out of sight for one minute.


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Some yellow furballs I encountered this morning

With mother

Mother keeping a close eye on the baby room

Siblings 1

Siblings 2

All A7ii + MG Trioplan 100/2.8


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The exterior image of my chimney stack was taken on 4th April 2014

The two interior images are of what greeted me indoors this very morning the 4th April 2020.

I didn't know that the government had also ordered jackdaws to stay indoors.

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Corvid-19 !:)

(How did it get there?)
You mean corvine 19 :grin:.

They often build nests in a couple of our chimneys and subsequently we have fitted a screen to this fireplace,
but yesterday they must have squeezed through a small gap between the screen and the fire surround.



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Haha! Thanks.

They’re intelligent aren’t they. Yours headed straight for the rubber gloves. Thanks for the story.


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And while humans mull over the latest crisis nature just moves on with the next batch of spring youngsters

Sony A700 + Sigma EX 105/2.8 macro (with stripped gears, so MF only)