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Trying to decide between the Hasselblad X1D II or the 907x


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I can decide whether to get the Hasselblad X1D II or the 907x. I've been reading about both cameras for awhile now and they both seem like great cameras and both would fit my shooting style. Coming from the Leica M9, I am used to using the viewfinder but I don't think I would miss it too much if I got the 907x. Tough choice. Any advice?


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I have both, this is my opinion.
X1D is better handheld (EVF & form factor), 907x is better on a tripod.
907x has CVF II 50C back which can be used on other cameras.
Both are great cameras, with different ergonomics.


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SrMphoto, I think that is very well put. The two models are completely different ergonomically I have sold my 907X as I just in the end could not do without a viewfinder with the moderate telephoto lenses 65/90mm. Back to the Fuji world for me, where I will have both a viewfinder and a screen that can be tilted in a few more ways than the 907X. Screen + Viewfinder are for me a must for different times, it makes a camera far more versatile.


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I can decide whether to get the Hasselblad X1D II or the 907x. I've been reading about both cameras for awhile now and they both seem like great cameras and both would fit my shooting style. Coming from the Leica M9, I am used to using the viewfinder but I don't think I would miss it too much if I got the 907x. Tough choice. Any advice?
Going from a Leica M9, I would say you WILL miss a viewfinder on the 907X. However, that is also dependent on what lenses you use! If you use lenses up to the 45mm range, then you can use the optional OVF. Only then would I recommend the 907X over the X1D II.

Some more thoughts. Outside in bright and not necessarily sunny conditions just having the screen can be a challenge to see focus properly on the 907X.

I wish the X1D II had at minimum a screen that tilted like the 907X does. That would be an immediate advantage from my opinion of course, because of having both options built in to the X1D II (EVF and LCD tilting).

Image quality on both cameras and integration with Phocus on Mac and iPad are really fantastic. No problem there at all.

If you zone focus a lot, then I would keep the M9 or move to the new M10R.

Hope this helps a little.
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I just had the a similar question. I came from M8>M240 and for me it was a question between M10r and 907x.
The lack of the viewfinder was what I was looking for. The viewfinder usually shows more than what you are framing. The screen of the 907x is the same for me; I look with my eyes and use the 907x screen to frame what I am seeing.
The X1Dii is like any other looking through the lens camera, you can not see what is around your image.

New for me is the waist level - and I like it.



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Waist level is great I agree. That will be possible with my GFX 100S when it arrives. Waist level is refreshing viewpoint.


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I had an X1D and a 907x for a bit this past summer. For my uses, I found I prefer the X1D handheld but the 907x on a tripod.

The grip and EVF on the X1D made it easier for me to use handheld compared to the 907x, and the port/battery/memory access on the 907x/CFVII with an L-bracket made it better for tripod use than the X1D.

Unless you have a collection of V-system gear you want to use the CFVII with, or have a tech cam that you want to use the CFVII back with, I'd go the cheaper route and get a used X1DII and a lens instead of the 907x.

YMMV may vary of course.


Like several others, I have both. You mentioned coming from a Leica M9 - are you disposing of that camera and is it your only eye level viewfinder camera? It would be difficult for me to use the 907X as my only camera - different shooting situations seem to call for different styles of bodies. The 907X makes a great tripod camera, especially with the hinged rear screen (which the X1D series does not have). Also, for those who relish the ergonomics of Hasselblad waist level finder bodies, it works well with or without the accessory grips.


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I have the 907x and bought it after considering an X1D since they were first announced and in development. The 907x (and the use of the CFVII 50c back with my other V system equipment) appeals to my use quite a lot. At present, I use other cameras for eye level shooting (Leica CL, Panasonic GX9, etc) but as time continues and I like what I get out of the Hasselblad, and since I've now got a nice three-lens X system lens kit, I will likely pick up an X1D body at some point as well. As folks have said, they're very different cameras and suit different uses and shooting methodology.

Compared to an M9 ... I don't quite even know where to begin. That's an utterly different shooting experience in every possible way. Directly replacing that with a 907x is a complete change of type and a categorically different workflow.



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I considered both but chose the 907x-50c in the end. I love the modularity and its built-in future-proofing. And the form factor, aesthetics, handling, and travel-size of the 907x-50c is best-in-class among MF cameras from any brand, to my knowledge. I bet you'd be happy with the X1Dm2 as well but the 907x-50c is that once-every-decade kind of special gear that is incredibly innovative yet gets everything important right.


I can decide whether to get the Hasselblad X1D II or the 907x. I've been reading about both cameras for awhile now and they both seem like great cameras and both would fit my shooting style. Coming from the Leica M9, I am used to using the viewfinder but I don't think I would miss it too much if I got the 907x. Tough choice. Any advice?
As others said, 907 perhaps is more tripod work, tech cameras, etc. and the X1DII handheld. While still expensive the 907 is one of the cheapest backs on the market today. It would IMO make more sense to have 100MP for the back sometime in the future and keep 50MP handheld.


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For me, the 907 is THE best second digital camera one can get IF you have some V System gear hanging around or a X1D. I'd never consider the 907 as my one and only camera. I don't have the 907 as we have enough HB analog and digital stuff (including X1DII) but might be tempted to get one in the future.

But then, its all about personal choice. I gave up on the M and sold it in favor of a Linhof Master Technika which people might consider crazy, but aren't we all a bit crazy in Dante's Forum 🤣

Whatever your decision, you won't be disappointed with the image quality for sure.

Best Regards,


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agree with pretty much everything already said.....I have both and probably use the 907 slightly more but there are some things I would not try it.....and coming from a Leica one might be used to doing these things....
not tethered I shoot wide angle (21,30, some 45P) with the 907....unless I am on a tripod I use AF because MF is almost impossible, peaking is way to loose and the distance scale does not reflect f stop range....and there is no way to focus on the rear LCD (for me).....using AF pretty much means locked down subject (no people) .....
I use the 907 for studio portrait or people only if I have a constant distance (then I use MQ and a dialed in focus distance) tethered my digitech sees focus problems.....
architecture,....landscapes,....I prefer the 907 and I use AF.....
for anything moving (subject or myself with subject) and longer lens I prefer the MF, I have no problem with the EVF....
as you can see the X1DII can do pretty much everything the 907 can, but not the other way around.....overall I prefer the 907 but it would not work for me as my only body....
I don't shoot on V system or tech cameras, it is definitely something to keep in mind as well, I know there are adapters for the X1DII but the CVFII is a much better choice if you want to go that way.....

a friend just bought into the system and I recommended getting the X1DII (over the 907) it is cheaper and more flexible, lenses aren't cheap, he is spending his money there first....I know he will get a second/back up body at some point, it will probably be a 907 at that point....I think that makes the most sense.....

a way to save some money is to get the X1D used and then the 907 since the original X1D is limited when it comes to tethering, which can be done with the 907 anyway....and some people say that MF is actually easier with the older EVF.....


I really think the 907X is really for those who are going to use it on a V system camera, and also XCD lenses (now or later on). Remember, it is it advertised as part of the V system. I think a new user would be much better off with the X1D/X1D II.

This might be a sin - but if was coming to this with no legacy HB gear, I would definitely be looking very closely at the 100s and a couple of lenses.


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When I listen to reason, look at the specs, compare prices, yes, then the GFX100S would be the fist choice.
On the other hand, it is just another DSLM with a larger sensor and higher resolution. I would work with it in the same way I would work with my Sony A7RII. To do the same thing with merely a larger sensor was not the reason why I bought into medium format. My shooting style is so much different with my X1D than with any other 35mm camera. I have lugged around my Rollei SL66 SE for so many years, loved the waist level finder and the slow process of creating images. I really missed it. The arrival of the 907X was the trigger to look closer at the X system. To build up a new system, however, is nothing that can be done over night. That's why I bought a display model of a X1D from a dealer for a very good price and invested in a XCD 90 and 45P. Lenses first. A XCD 21 or 30 will follow this year and a 907X whenever. What I miss with the X1D: near ground work is next to impossible, the 907X on the other hand has no viewfinder that could be useful under bright light conditions.
And then there is the emotional side. Isn't the 907X a sheer beauty? Isn't it something that you love to hold in your hand? Doesn't it inspire you to create images? YMMV, of course.


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"907X a sheer beauty" - of course the most beautiful camera I have owned. However as you allude to, if one uses any lens greater than 45mm, then you have use of only an LCD, which needs a viewfinder in bright conditions.


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Thanks everyone. I decided to go with the X1D II and it just arrived yesterday. The 907x is a beautiful camera, but in the end I realized it wasn’t the right camera for me. The X1D II seemed way more versatile in my opinion. Perhaps down the road I’ll get the 907x, but as a main camera I think the X1D II will do a better job for my needs. I had a chance to test the X1D yesterday afternoon and it’s a great camera. I think I made the right choice. Thanks again for all your help!