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Using lens hoods for digital lenses on a technical camera


Hi everyone,

I was thinking of using dedicated lens hoods (the Pro aluminium from Sensei) instead of my Arca Swiss or Lee Filters compendium, for my lenses. It seems faster to set it up (as I will leave them on each lens)...

Did someone tried?

Thank you!


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Yes. I use these, but to protect the lens rather than to protect against stray light. It depends on the lens, but these hoods are designed for lenses where the image circle just covers the sensor. Technical camera lenses have larger -- or much larger -- image circles to allow movements, so the standard circular hood isn't deep enough to offer any protection from stray light.

When I need protection from stray light, I use the compendium (or, more commonly, my wide-brimmed hat).

To give you an idea, this is the lens hood I use on my 180mm lens... I can shift about 15mm with this "hood", which has a 26mm opening, before any vignetting occurs. A standard lens hood on this lens offers no protection whatsoever (except against bumps!)

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