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video with NEX 3


as an uncle i was tasked last week to come up with a camera for my 10 and 12 year old nephews to use on a project... A trip through amsterdam airport saw me picking up a NEX 3 for 380 euros.

Went out after dark last night to see how it would perform. Working close to idiot mode - i think i turned on spot metering maybe i was on shutter priority.. i know for certain most of the time i was on iso 1600 with the kit lens..

anyway the results were pleasantly surprising.... I was kinda sad to post it off to my nephews today

I sorta liked the UI... needs some work....too many places to go... but definitely a move in the right direction



The video function appears to be viewed by Sony as an added nuisance that they feel obliged to include but don't really expect anyone to use. Neither manuals or software are especially helpful.


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Yes, 'victoria11' is absolutely correct, fact I posted on another forum that Sony seems to see itself as God, who granted men nipples while knowing they would not be used....

I don't know about "neither the manuals or software are especially helpful",...they appear to me to me to be more or less nonexistnet! The Sony 'software', such as it is, allows movie clips to be 'trimmed' but not edited...!?!! The only movie advice in the manual mentions that camera sound can be cured by turning OFF the sound completely!!

.....I would love to know how the nephews go on woth their video exploits and whether the results ever made it to disc....


nephews are getting on fine with the camera... attended a short movie making course at the local Apple Store over the summer and produced a fine 3 minute movie over a couple of days

Not sure what your moan about the lack of support from Sony in their manuals is all about.... to me the video functions are pretty self explanatory... as the functions are pretty self evident if you have any familiarity shooting video,