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Voigtlander 12mm F5.6: Benro Filter lens holder


I have the lens but need a filter holder for 100x150 filters. Benro makes a specific model ( FH100M2V4) specifically for this lens. That is the good news.... The bad news is that I also have lenses with 72 and 67mm filter threads that I want to use also with this holder.... and Benro is not telling me ( very slow response time and first time they said no such FH existed.....) if the standard threaded adapters (67 and 72mm) will work with it.....
Can anyone who has one of these filter adapters tell me what fits in the hole when you remove the specific FH100M2V4 plate? Is it just a standard FH100M2 filter holder???????
My other choice is to carry 2 different FH... one for the 12mm, the other for everything else... which is ridiculous.....

Also posted to the Leica Forum.

Thank you