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Wanted Nikon Scan 4 software


Well-known member
Hi Felix,
are you sure? I may have those CDs still somewhere, but VueScan makes a much better job. Silverfast is another option.

Will Deleon

New member
Hey Felix,

I use my 9000 regularly. I do recommend Vuescan since you can use your 9000 on any modern Mac / PC. Join the Facebook group: Nikon Coolscan Users. There you will find a good bunch of people who are very knowledgeable as well as a couple guys that still service these things!

Hope that helps you out!


New member
Why do you need a CD? You can download the software from Nikon's website.

As far as Vuescan vs Nikon Scan. I always much preferred Nikon Scan to Vuescan but ofc that only works if you're running it on an old machine.


Well-known member
For me, Vuescan worked better than the Nikon software, but I guess that depends also on your personal preference.