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Website work crews?


Active member
GetDPI really needs to update the front page as the most recent article is the Alpha Speedbox! As a forum that touts itself for its digital workshops, it's imperative to remain effectual with current trends in technology. Most of the current users to GetDPI have been members for a while and have tolerated the "Front Page", but potential new members might find the site outdated and boring. Planned obsolescence is built into cameras and lighting, so this website needs to reflect that with current content.


Active member
Anyone in favor of changing the "Front Page" content with an updated review or article on digital photography?

Joe Colson

Well-known member
I agree with your premise/proposition but am of the impression that GetDPI is operating on autopilot. Bob and Jack step in occasionally to filter inappropriate content and settle disputes, but there seems to be no effort to "refresh" the site. It's a shame to see the site languish.