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Workshop Member
Woo. First post in the forum and all that.

Just wanted to thank Mike and Jack for the 40D and 5D, respectively. They work great (as I just shoot the company Halloween party). And I depart for New Zealand in 7 hours.

Thanks again and see you guys when I get back!



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Staff member
Have a great trip Chris, and we expect lots of images when you get back!


Well-known member
Okay, let's rock !!!!

I'm down to one Canon body (1DMKIII) , which ain't good when shooting weddings. For now, I'm using my trusty EOS1V as back-up in anticipation of the 1DsMKIII.

I've been entertained the idea of the new Nikon, but the thought of a system change makes my toes curl.

Canon has published a detailed white paper on the 1DsMKIII. Makes for interesting reading ... especially some of the software lens corrections which sound like the stuff Hasselblad has incorporated into Flexcolor. May have to take a second look at the Canon software.


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One thought on the Nikon swap Marc... When I got inot Leica M several years back, I was a Nikon shooter --- and had been one for 25 years. Great system and great lenses. Only one issue for me was huge, and that was every lens function including mounting, ran in the opposite direction to my Leicas. After using the Leicas for two months it felt totally natural and the Nikon no longer felt right, but rather bassakwards. It was in fact the main reason I switched to Canon for my SLR at that time, the lens mounting and focus ran in the same direction. May not matter for a totally ambidextrous pro like you though LOLOL!

Other point on the Canon front for weddings would be the 5D replacement. If it is 16MP with deeper color and improved AF, might just be the ticket. Then of course there is the R10. If a few of those 24 new lenses that Leica hinted at are autofcus R lenses, then the R10 might just become the gold standard DLSR...

Just some fodder for thought,


Well-known member
Yeah Jack, it can all become maddening.

I won't shoot a wedding without a dual card slot camera. No second chances. Rather lose a shot of a Grizzly attacking, than face a Bride where I've lost the pictures of her dad walking her down the aisle. So the 5D is not a consideration.

I'll just get the 1DsMKII, and stick with Canon. If the Leica is excellent, maybe eventually since I've got a fortune sunk into glass from the film days.

Doing the same thing with my old RZ system ... just keeping it, and upgrading to a RZ PRO-IID body with an interface plate for the Aptus 75s digital back.