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What is he saying ?


Senior Subscriber Member

is he saying something like:

no no
yea I promise, mom
I will
no no
no no


buy, definitely, buy
no, just sell it off
don't touch it
ooh yes, now we're talking
right, go short on that, aggressively
nope, sell
no no
no you're not, not at all, it's absolutely fine
where are you
yeah, sure

© • Nikon D800E • AF-S Nikkor 1.4/85mm G • 1/250 sec. at f/8 ISO 100 • Lightroom 4.4


Active member
"hey, bro, time for the real thing here,
just remind me again what the steps are again...
ok... right foot in, right foot out,
right foot in and shake..."


No sorry, won't be able to see you tonight or ever again for that matter as I have just tied the knot a few moments ago with the real jewel in my life...


Well-known member
"Dad, for sure we want to take part in the wedding ceremony ... but you know, this big fence keeps us away ... yes Dad, I know we are already late ..."


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"Hello, is that Acme wedding limo service? It is? Where the @@@@ is the car? It was supposed to stay outside the chapel until 3pm and take us to the reception!"


Subscriber and Workshop Member
"You said the photographer was a pro! No way. He has some old Hasselblad instead of the new Luna!"