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What is your decision-making process when choosing your camera and lenses?


Fun question. I do this professionally ever since I got a used Nikon kit with a F3 and FE in the late 80ties, I learned real photography on Linhof and Sinar 8x10, rarely if ever touching a roll of 120. Moved to fashion, learned to appreciate the Nikon system again (thanks to Peter Lindbergh), got into portraiture and recognized qualities of the Mamiya RZ (along with 645 and Fuji 690, thanks to Annie Leibovitz). Once on my own, and digital making huge inroads, aka 2005/2006I kept looking at lenses that makes the job easy, with somewhat outstanding qualities, Canon stood out for me for a number of reasons, MF was on the back burner for cost and crew requirements. Once the MF prices came down, I jumped on the H6 with 50mpx, plenty for magazine reproduction. These days I see myself in a couple of distinct fields of photography, working on movie sets, so utmost silence and reliability is key, so mirrorless is simply mandatory, and after Nikon got their game together, loving the lenses and rendition, I starting using them (Today, Z9 with zooms). Sonys lenses were never up to pro standards and I didn’t like the rendition (rubber rings not fitting, lenses literally disintegrating, all while looking blund and technical), but I used them from A7s to A9II, the cameras were great, from Death Valley one week, to a zodiac boat in the Atlantic in Florida and on glacial lakes in Iceland all within 3 weeks. On the art and high end advertising and editorial side, I need to sync strobe, and I don’t care too much for HSS, so it’s either Phase One or Hasselblad with central shutters. The first never felt comfortable, too technical, besides being expensive and a portable, cheaper backup solution doesn’t really exist (being a pro, leans bring 2 of everything), so I’m invested in Hasselblad. Now I’d love a technical camera in my life, but in reality, I’m happy with the X1D, missing a wide and normal TS lens on occasion. While I don’t want to say, money doesn’t play a role, I need a tool that gets the job done reliably, repeatedly, with a cut above average, great lenses and professional built (I just spend last Tuesday on set, in the rain, in the woods for 12hrs, with a 45min lunch break), and that today is Nikon Z9, H6 and X1DII, both soon to be replaced with X2D…in addition to a iPhone 14pro Max btw…


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I'm just a hobbyist and have tried many brands in 35mm and MF world. As of date, I have Hasselblad X1D 2 and 907x, IMHO this system is the best I've owned so far.

The flexibility of Mirrorless to adapt many lenses from different system and even Tech Cam which I'd eventually get, is one of the many factors I kept this system for the past 2 years now. And the images I've got from these 2 cameras are the best I've had in my own experience from 35mm and MF.

The only thing I wish for Hasselblad is to make a T/S lens which would be a game changer, I don't have to get Tech Cam if that happens :).

Or at least new version of Hasselblad Arc/Flex/HTc 1.5 body so we can use current XCD lens.
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I have a very simple process, every purchase needs to create additional flexibility and be compatible with (some) stuff I already have and I only add stuff that makes me happy when using it.