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What SD card sizes do you use?


New member
Hello to all.

I am new to mirrorless, and just bought a Sony A7R IV, as a companion camera to my Phase One medium format digital – I shot fashion professionally. My intent is to have a mirrorless high megapixel camera to shoot some fashion scenes that are physically difficult for a larger camera, to do some BTS, and timelapse videos of my shoots.

I have a question regarding SD card choices. For those of you who do large batches of shots for each session (ideally professionals), be they singular images, timelapes or videos, what size SD cards do you use?

I have done the math of it, and the bare minimum should be 64gb; how many of you use dual 128gb or even 256gb cards? Do you use a smaller size card for a “photo only” card, and a larger size card for a “video only” card? Also, how many cards do you have?


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I use dual 256 cards, since I’m not shooting crazy long bursts the buffer seems to handle it nicely. On my IQ4150 I use 240GB XQD, I probably should but a 128GB/s 300 MB/s SD for redundancy as the 256 SD cards I have are slow for the IQ4.

I think the 128GB size is a great card, you can get a pair of the fastest Sandisks and call it a day.

Jorgen Udvang

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For an A7R IV, I would say that dual 128GB is a minimum. You would mostly survive with 64GB cards, but the feeling of getting close to the ceiling before the day is over is a distraction.


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Hello.... I would sure hope you can get more than 9000 JPEG files on a 128 GB card. Average JPEG is what 3 MB? That should mean upwards of 50,000 images on the card. Lowering the quality would easily double that.

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