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What would you do?

Michiel Schierbeek

Well-known member
I have now already 5 fuji x lenses and still not figured out which camera to buy. I am hanging over to the Fuji S10. Not a typical Fuji camera what attracted me so much in the first place with just a PASM dial but i like the IS on it and the big grip. I also like the minimalistic approuch of the new E4 but no IS and after adding the for me neccesary thumb- and handgrip it will have the same price as the S10. Or may be a bigger weathersealed T3? :unsure::unsure::unsure:


Active member
Why did you want change to Fuji?.......what attracted you to a small sensor system when you already had some larger systems?.........What did you ‘hope’ to gain from APSc? Remeber the “3p’s” .......purpose, pocket & personality (Andreas Feinninger 1954)

I was seriously considering Nikon Z6, but it was expensive, heavier & a DSLR (which I dislike)........I waited to get XE3 at less than half price of XE4 (which, it turns out, looks less attractive for my purposes). Fuji is small and discrete and can always be with you. But, you can buy bigger and probably better for similar money (for complete system)


Well-known member
Fuji cameras really are not that big. I would go to the Camera Size Comparison website and have a look.

The great thing about Fuji is also the problem--what camera to buy? There are so many to chose from, but you can get one for every mood and outfit. And if you don't like the one you have, you can also buy another, which is totally inline with the spirit of GetDPI. ;)

My move to Fuji was two fold. I wanted something smaller than my Pentax 645D system that would be more spontaneous, but also be a good formal camera when need be. I also like OVFs and rangefinder/viewfinder cameras. I have two X Pro2s. I also picked up an XF10 for a pocket camera, which gave me an additional focal lengths of 18mm. I carry all three cameras and four lenses in a Mountainsmith lumbar pack.

I find the new X-E4 compelling, but also as a second to my X Pros. With the 27mm, it makes a very compact system, which can also take other lenses. Having a Sony RX-1, the missing grip does not bother me. But then, I would not be using big lenses, which may be less appealing on a small body.

The X-S10 and X-T3 both have better articulating LCDs. I shoot a lot of verticals and so that is would be useful. But then, my X Pros have a fixed screen and I function with that, so it is not a deal breaker for me. Obviously, having IBIS is not that important for me either. But I do want dual card slots having lost images from a corrupt SD card previously--once was enough for me. The X-T3 has dual slots.

For a control layout, I actually like the Fuji implementation on the X-T3 (and X Pros). You want P, set the shutter speed dial and aperture to A, for A, set the shutter speed dial to A, for S, set the aperture to A. Basically, you simply tell the camera what be automatically controlled by the camera. Manual is just setting both shutter speed and f-stop. (The X-E4 has a P on the shutter speed dial to put the camera into fully automatic, but it also uses the A on the shutter speeds and aperture.) Basically, everything is marked and laided out for you, including ISO and exposure comp. The X-S10 is just blank, which makes it very customizable, but not obvious.

I would see if you can get your hands on some of these cameras.

Michiel Schierbeek

Well-known member
I am not changing completely for the time being but I want to add something smaller for more spontaneous shooting and walk around and also i am curious how the lenses and sensor perform. I have the Ricoh GR to walk around but i cannot bond with it despite the good image quality. Also I want/need a viewfinder and be able to change lenses. I still use the Pentax 645Z and K1 but I will probably change in the near future to Fuji as well (100S) So it could be my first step to completly switch to Fuji. It looks they have the future.


Well-known member
Fuji is a bit complicated because of the X-Trans sensor. It needs a good RAW processor, Capture One (either the free Fuji edition or the pay version) or Irident Transformer for Abobe products. X Trans is not as prone to moire as a Bayer, but it is a bit softer, which is easily corrected with a good RAW processor. It took a little while to get used to X-Trans images, but I find them very good. Others hate X Trans. BTW, the GFX is Bayer.

I find Fuji lenses are very good. A good place to go is here:

Compared to the 645Z, all Fuji cameras are walk around. When you throw in lenses, the system will be smaller and lighter than a K1. When I was doing my research for a new system, I looked at both Leica M and Sony mirrorless. Fuji was lighter than both of those and significantly lighter than the Sony because of the lenses.

I think an X-S10, X-E4, or X-T3 will be a good entry point to the system. The difference among those is going to be really personal. I have large hands and so when a camera get too small, I don't really like it. I put grips on my X Pros which not only provided more to hold, it made the camera a little taller because of the Arca rail, which was more comfortable. The downside, it added weight. Still, I also have an XF10 (the Fuji GR) in the bag.

Personally, the best way I found to choosing a camera is rather simple. Which is for you the coolest? Buy that one.

Michiel Schierbeek

Well-known member
Thank you Will for your extensive answer. I hoped you would! I do not want to buy 3 or so cameras from Fuji at once! Just one is good enough 😜 Now I am thinking of the T3 it has WR and a better viewfinder and the LCD articulating in the right way. I don't like it to much going sideways. The viewfinders on the S10 and E4 are rather small. I am rather attached to the IS in the K1 and also the Ricoh GR. It is nice to have, but then I have a rather nice lightweight tripod to take with me.

I am getting closer now. It is now between the x-S10 or the X-T3. I tend to the X-T3 because I follow your preference, mine as well, for all the customable dials. Back to the old days but with a new approach.
"I would see if you can get your hands on some of these cameras" :ROFLMAO: I stick to one for the time being, but if the E-4 follow up will have a better VF, IS and weather sealing.........and may be some more pixels.....