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What would you like to find under the tree this holiday season?

Bill Caulfeild-Browne

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Oh, while we are dreaming a little out of the box in the midst of a pandemic, it is time to resurrect my Leica R4. But a lens would be nice. LOL...the lens mount aperture is a little wide and not adjustable for focusing. :)
I'm all in for Impressionism but it is a bit much without a lens.:):);)
Ah, the R4 brings back many happy memories. I took a pair of them with me to China in 1985. Upon entering the country I had to register the cameras (they thought I wanted to sell them) and was told I would have to produce them in order to leave the country again. On arriving at a hotel in what then was Canton, I asked where I could leave the cameras while I went downstairs to eat. I was assured I could leave them in the hotel room - a room with no lock on the door. Naturally I was reluctant but did so. For the entire trip I trusted that the cameras would be safe from theft and was not disappointed. Then I discovered what the penalty was for stealing...
I doubt I would be so trusting today.

You might get a lens cheap on eBay if you insist on sharp images. But you'll lose that wide open aperture and gain some weight.


Despite my genuine attempt to connect with DougDolde about his behaviour through public and private channels, his response to my private messages crossed all possible lines. I made a decision to ban him from the forum for life.
Well, thank you for making an attempt. I'm a long time member that recently rediscovered this resource, and I'm liking the friendship very well.

Happy Holidays!


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I would be very happy if they put a ticket somewhere under my Christmas tree. It would be cool if it was a ski resort. I would love to go and have a great rest. It's a pity that under the Christmas tree I find only knitted sweaters and socks. Apparently, this year I will have to buy myself a ticket to a ski resort. You will not please yourself; no one will please you. I was looking at the site a couple of days ago ski resorts. I have already noticed a few, and closer to the holiday season, I will choose one alternative and go there for a vacation. I can already imagine how cool it will be.
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... I would love to receive a gift voucher for a really good photography course led by a very good photographer.
Preferably in a really stimulating area with great participants, lots of fun and good food!
Would any of you like to join us?