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Where to get lenses mounted onto alpa boards?


I’m uncertain if alpa still mount lenses for their customers and if they don’t, I’d there anywhere else to get this done?

I’m looking for a 35or 45 Rodie grandagon (that’s the alpa apo AAA I think) but seems these discontinued alpa lenses are impossible to find and the new digital lenses don’t have the image circles for film.


CI = Capture Integration, a big US dealer.

There's really only three options. #1 get Alpa to do it either through a dealer or direct (they're great to deal with BTW), or #2 buy a Chinese mount off eBay and do it yourself, or #3 get a third party to do the work (SK Grimes maybe?) Option #1 is the easiest since Alpa will supply a helical, but also the most expensive. If you have a helical, or buy one separately, then with a bit of know-how you can save a ton of money going for option #2. Since you're shooting film, which is far more forgiving than a digital sensor, I'd probably give #2 a shot.


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Who is CI? Also, do you know if they still offer this service?
Capture Integration (CI) is also the sponsor of the forum....and an Alpa dealer.

Give Steve Hendrix over there a holler. Last I heard Alpa still remounts lenses but I could be wrong.

Steve Hendrix

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Thank you all for the info. lets see.

Alpa does still remount lenses - or more accurately, they offer that service - because Rodenstock still does this for them (and Alpa provides the materials and performs the quality control process). Where it is getting dicey is in the Schneider camp, when I checked recently, I was told the parts necessary for at least some Schneider lenses to be converted to Alpa are extinct. Some lenses may still be possible.

We have a strong relationship with Alpa and we're happy to offer this service and regularly do so.

JoDad - something to consider is the value of the lens, and how much one values it, because the cost to convert to Alpa helical mount is generally in the $1,800 - $2,200 range, depending on the lens.

Steve Hendrix/CI