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Which is the best laptop for editing photos and videos?


New member
I am an enthusiast and professional photographer. I want to buy a laptop to edit my photos and videos and playing games in free time. Can anyone suggest the best laptop which I can buy? My budget for the laptop is Rs. 50000.


Well-known member
That's about US$730.00. I can't think of much I'd buy for image processing that didn't cost twice that here unless I bought something used. You've got to do your purchase research with local prices in mind; I can't help with buying in India from the USA.

The machine I use to do what you're looking for in a mobile device is an Apple iPad Pro 11" with 1T storage built in, and with the Apple Keyboard Cover. That costs about US$1700. Does a fantastic job too.


Don Libby

Well-known member
My travel laptop has been a Surface Book II with a 15' screen and 16GB RAM. Runs C1 as well as Adobe without issues. However it'll cost about twice your budget.