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Which telephoto focal length / lens as companion to 32mm on tech cam for landscapes?


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I am curious to hear how you like the 100mm lens for your tech cam.
Any specific reason you chose the 100mm over the highly recommended 90mm- longer reach or lighter weight?
I was looking for a smaller and lighter alternative to the Rodenstock 90mm, and I would have gone for either the 90mm Schneider or the 100mm Schneider; on paper, they seemed equally good, with the 100mm perhaps a bit better on MTF curves. For my work, I use the 23mm most of the time, followed by the 40mm - longer lenses are very seldom used, so size / weight (and price, too) are more important for me than squeezing that last bit of performance that the Rodie 90mm offers.

Incidentally, I do have a 90 Rodie for the XT, which I also reviewed, so I am familiar with its optical amazingness :)

I hope to be able to review the 40mm, 100mm and 180mm soon.

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