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Why Shooting 4K Is Becoming Less Important


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This is very interesting. I shoot mainly 4K now for my main client now (and I use their gear), and I do not think 4K is giving me anything more than HD for the purpose of the videos (which is online training). But sometimes it's about the wow factor that they can preach to their clients. I get it. However the post is more cumbersome, but still manageable, and the 4K cameras they have are marginally better than the SONY HD cameras we used to use.

I am somewhat contemplating picking up my own cinema style camera, I go back and fourth with the many choices now. Do I want the new C200 that shoots RAW to cards? DO I want Black Magic that to me, in online video sample tests look closest to the Arri look, A RED is a little cost prohibitive, or should I go with GH5s and change all my lenses to Micro4/3?

I currently use my now old 5D MkII (the original video shooing DSLR), but as cool as that cameras is/was, I do find the codec is limiting mainly for post grading. The full frame look is interesting for video, as long as it isn't taken too far with the shallow depth of field look. I do think sometimes it's too much.

That being said, if I can find a used Alexa in the price range of the C200/300 that would almost be a no brainer, and just rent a 4k camera when the client needs it. I still don't understand why Arri doesn't do at least 4k, when the other big dogs are now shooting 8K...but that Arri look still looks the best to my eyes anyway, and I guess that's what counts most, as well as the story telling aspect like the article mentions.

Interesting times for film makers.