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Why the S2 will succeed -:)


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Saying high end digi backs are pro shooter tools is like saying a Turbo Porsche or a Ferrari 430 is a professional drivers tool. In other words - a load of nonsense.

So when Leica say about the S2- this is a camera for the professional - they are really saying this will be a camera - even a professional cant afford.

The fact that 'some' professional shooters may be able to afford an S2 or the high end digi backs and systems sold today is a bye the bye. The real market always has been and always will be - those who just want to own 'the best'.

BECAUSE it has become apparent that all the backs are pretty much as good as each other means to the well heeled buyer that it isn't as easy to demonstrate that this versus that is the 'best'. This is a very bad thing.

The whole snob thing about Japanese versus German ( or similcrum German) is about people wanting to own the 'best'. The Hasselblad H series had a lot of problems - because it JV'd with Fuji to make parts of the H series.

Anyone who has used the Fujiblad knows how freakin good the system is - however - 'the best' tag was tarnished.If Hasselblad actually remembered what their real game was - they would have JV's with Zeiss to get auto focus lenses made and there would never have been a problem.

Phase keeps trying very very hard to convince people that their backs and software is 'the best' - they just don't get that the back and software ISN"T what makes the true fondler smile and be happy.

The true fondler wants a slick Porsche/Ferrari camera body and Leica/Schneider/Zeiss/Rodenstock lenses or similar - and it has to be heavy and solid and go thunk when the doors close.

MF is at a disadvantage because the gear is large(r) and less easy to carry around. The S2 will 'look' easier to carry around and already has posted MTF charts that 'prove' that they will have the 'best' lenses too. It is a winning formula in a game that is very niche - ie I can hang this over my shoulder when I wear my black polo neck and go to cafe etc etc etc

It will be a classic and desirable collectible for the person who 'needs' to have 'the best' - a demonstrable 'best' that no one can argue against - except cost.

GET THIS - the true fondler WANTS to have exclusivity as well as the best. The true fondler - LIKES you NOT to be able to AFFORD what he/she can. Being able to say - and this is the 'best' - and I want the best - is just a comedy of manners - a tip of hte hat to so called 'real world' you know 'when the rubber hits the road' and other irrelevant concerns to the fondler.

Such is the way of niche markets- always has been always will be.

Please though do continue posting your* well constructed 'logics' and 'rationales' - elevating your personal needs and wants by reference to an obscure and marginal technical this or that - or reference to a hired gun top shooter who made this or that model look like this or that ...

It all makes for funny reading!:)


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While some folks are actively advocating a "more reasonable" price for the S2, considering it was Leica that said this, and it was Leica that decided this was going to be a "professional" user camera, if it does drop back to Leica's "niche" of somewhat unique, almost unaffordable piece of gear, then I hope every doctor, dentist, lawyer, banker, and other wealthy folks buys one or two plus all the lenses. That will then start to create a good secondary/used market when those folks move onto the "next best thing".



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Sure - but I bet 'London to a Brick' that "it" costs even more than an S2:ROTFL::ROTFL:
I just got back from Vegas. So unless there is a City of Camera Sin where camera manufacturers dress up in tight skirts, congregate at night clubs, and are eager to provide you cameras in exchange for a drink and some witty banter...



Too many assumptions Peter!

2nd, comparing cars to cameras is moot, if for nothing else when was the last time you turned on a chic who wanted to get into your camera instead of a Ferrari?


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Too many assumptions Peter!

2nd, comparing cars to cameras is moot, if for nothing else when was the last time you turned on a chic who wanted to get into your camera instead of a Ferrari?
Well since you asked :D this one likes DSLRs..and Porsches