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WTB: Contax 645 IQ180 digital back

I saw OP's post on day one and since than I have been looking for one to help him.So far no chance. The day I see anyone with it, I am gonna ask him/her to contact OP immidiately or else....
But seriously its a challenge for Phase one. Its not impossible to put one together and not at skyhigh cost either.
Mr Hendrix,hats off to your team's interaction whenever your input is expected.Phase One sold Contax mount back in the past so they have the knowledge and resources.

No, if nothing else, it is a diversion for Phase One, whether they can put the pieces together or not. They are a river flowing in one directon and the odd Contax user who wants a newer digital back is a distracting tributary from the flow. Based on the number of Contax mount sales in recent years, I won't hold it against them. It's a shame, though.

Steve Hendrix/CI


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Thank you B L. I tried to post in the FB group for Contax 645 users, but my post was pretty much immediately deleted. If anyone here is a member, I'd definitely appreciate a post in the group to test the waters.
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Hey guys. Just doing my monthly check here to see if anyone has heard anything. *fingers crossed*.
man i feel your pain ;)

i know someone who has an iq180 for c645 but i doubt he even remotely would consider to part with it, as the price went too low already, and it simply is a great back, i know i wouldnt want to sell my iq180 another time


I am bumping for you.
I wish I was a robot called Phase One for a day to assemble one back for you.:)


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Submitting my mandatory two-week bump. Hellllooooo... ellloooooo... llloooo... ooooo.... Is anyone out there? ... thhhheeerrreee... hhhheeerreeee... eeeerrrree.. eee...

(those are echos)