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X2D questions, comments, tips


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I know people at Leica who can answer these questions. Does anyone know the product specialist for the X2D? Or a Hasselblad professional services representative? It would be nice to get clarification - in particular, who is on the hook if water fries the electronics. Even if the answer is "no comment", that would be answer enough.


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Looking at the low production numbers of x2d or x1d cameras I cant believe that they are sealed as good as Canikon or oly pro cameras.
personally I would use it in light rain ( do that with most cams) but still try to protect it as good as possible.
yes, some official info wouldnt hurt…but its not a guarantee anyways…


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I did ask someone at Hasselblad in the US who would be the most likely to know about the weather resistance of the X2D and I received no answer…the equivalent of “no comment.“
I will continue to hope for the best and plan for close to the worst. That means I will continue to shoot with the X2D in miserable weather but I will take reasonable steps to still protect the camera and lens using clear disposable shower caps and electrical tape to seal potential leakage points.


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Based on this recent banter, I would be inclined to use the X2D in non-precip situations anyway since rain or snow lowers sharpness and contrast. For the foul weather stuff I use my Z9.


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I haven't gotten particularly brave with my X2d yet, but I took both versions of my X1D out in driving rain or snow and dust all day. I never had any issue with the camera or lenses, though I was careful about condensation going from AC to summer heat or winter cold to heated indoors. For that matter, I did the same with several models of the H system over the years and never had an issue.

Doc Steel

New member
Maybe that the TO has got the answer meanwhile, but here my 5 cents:
1/ A card with 128 GB will hold around 500 photos when you consider that a 3f file has approx. 200-220 MB.
2/ I use the internal storage of the X2D but not because her volume of 1TB but mainly because her speed of 2300 MB/s