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Yi M1 - 4K/30fps - for 231€


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Also not heavy ...

190° - no vignetting when 4K video

30mm, Macro 1.25x, better than 1:1

Samyang 7.5mm, no vignetting when photo, no vignetting when 4K video
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Yi M1 - mFT
XIAOYI 12-40mm / 3.5-5.6

darkness, only light bulb 60W, distance 1.5m



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waterdrops - light only flashlight with 9 white leds

Yi M1 with Olympus 30mm/3.5
- freehand, out of camera, only resized



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Yi M1

storm/hurricane .. it's cold outside, no flowers, no colors

Y1 M1 + 12-40mm

time for coffee - Yi M1

photo with small action cam with changeable lenses


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All photos ooc (out of camera), no postprocessing, resized form 20mpixel / 50mpixel
freehand, no additional light.



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Re: Yi M1

Yi M1 + "Laowa" 15mm/4 macro + tilt adapter

mFT Yi M1 (50Mpixel) + 12-40mm



The shape is oddly very similar to the Zeiss ZX1!

Do Yi manufacture the ZX1? The ZX1 going to be produced in China.


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Hmmm, ZX1 is FF, fixed lens, M1 is mFT, changeable lens.
I think price of ZX1 will be 12.34567x as high as M1's price.

Sizes compare ... ZX1 is a "monstrum" :)