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Your Thoughts are Important


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While in Munich I decided to spend a rainy day at Dachau with my M11 Monochrom. The visit was not meant as anyhing other than a sad day of remembrance. I did not know what I was about to see, but I went anyway. Nevertheless, I had decided to document the day and communicate my feelings of the day in the best way I know how and that is through my images, most of which speak for themselves.

My wife is so saddened by the images that she cannot look at but a few at a time, especially considering the fact her mother was sent to a concentration camp during WWII. We have discussed the images and I have decided before posting any, I would like to have opinions on how you might feel about me posting images from this sad day. No offense taken to any comments. They will be respected. Thank you.
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I think that if the images inspire sadness, even if you are not related to the place directly or through ancestors, they are probably perfectly describing it.


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When I visited a Holocaust Museum, there was a section surrounded by a wall. If you looked over the wall, you had a pretty good idea what you were getting into. A warning in capital letters in the thread title should suffice.

(Yes, I looked, and I'm not sure if it helped cause my misanthropy, or was merely synergistic.)


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Every respectful image taken of this place (and I don't expect anything else from you) is most welcome as it helps to not forget. I understand your wife's and your feelings, felt the same when I visited this and other places and it is still hard to understand how human kind could ever get there. Maybe put a warning in the title but I for myself would like to see what you have seen there. Regards, Ralf


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Agree with posting. Among all the ways to consider this, there is documentation of a place of horror; there are also "images sad in themselves". I don't know how to differentiate, but would be interested in discussion.


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I would not be offended. I would probably not look at them either. That is not a reflection of your images or your intent. I very well understand the history there.