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Your top 3 travel destinations?


Workshop Member
So as to not hijack the Patagonia thread, and at Jack's recommendation, this is a new thread.

What are your top 3 travel destinations?

My are:
1.) Thailand / New Zealand (tied for first)
2.) Australia / Tanzania (tied for second).
3.) Palau / Cyprus (tied for third).

Honorable mentions:
Egypt, Jordan, Tibet

The sum of all the countries listed above is just under 20% of my travel.


New member
OK, to repeat and summarize what I said in the Patagonia thread:
#1. Switzerland
#2,3,4. Three-way tie between New Zealand, Turkey, and Rome (which are hard to compare since they're quite different)



Workshop Member
The United States.

The European Union

The Pacific Rim.
:ROTFL: I was trying to go for Pacific Rim w/o being so unspecific! :p

So Maggie,

Can I entice you to maybe list a state/country or two you're particularly fond of in each of your above descriptions? :D

In any case, I'd like to revise my 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices.

1.) Northern Hemisphere.
2.) Southern Hemisphere.
3.) Milky Way Galaxy.

Technically, w/ #3 I've only gotten to one tiny little planet and then only as far away as a mere 11.4 miles above it's surface. But I hear the rest of the galaxy is quiet lovely and I look forward to the first opportunity I have to visit it (and yes Lars, I heard lighting can be rather a PITA; so pick your locations with care.) :cool:


New member
Chris, sounds like a good sensor like the D3 is a must where you are going, the thing is you'll have to shoot handheld in space, nowhere to put the tripod. ;)

Maggie O

New member
Ain't I a stinka?

Top three? Man, that's tough. I adore London, Paris and Stockholm for foreign cities. In the US, I would go with San Francisco bay area, the north shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota and Ontario, and the Sonoran Desert in Arizona.