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Zeiss Linhof Biogon 53 mm-a legendary wide lens- on Phase one back.


1- I used the lens on my Linhof techno and made an adapter from technika 23 to technika 45 lensboard that also techno takes.
2- sorry, what do you exactly mean?
3- till now i used only 20 mm max. I was surpriced that the lens manage it so well- I didnt expect it. I can try more maybe tomorrow. The image circle is big, for film allows good movements on 6x9 cm.
Thank you so much Alkibiades,
It seems it's a good lens for a 44x33 CMOS sensor.


Is this a coincidence? Today, a friend show me a photo that he shot by IQ4150 with Biogon 53 mm. and it looks pretty good.
Hi Kinglang,
Would you mind to ask your friend to share the pictures captured with this lens and iq4150 please? I'm asking because one of the P1 dealer in China told me the exact opposite: Biogon 53 on IQ4150 would yield too much inaccurate colors as well as very soft edge even not shifting.